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John White of venTAJA is an avid writer of everything from lunchbox notes to corporate meaning-of-life white papers. He has developed a following of hardware, software, industrial, IT, wireless and academic clients who rely on him to help get their story out of people’s heads and in front of their audience. His technical pedigree stretches from the 1967 Datsun Roadster through the Internet of Things and beyond, making him a quick study for writing technical marketing content.

In preparation for the work he now does, John has worked in a number of glamorous capacities the world over. He has chopped tomatoes on Santorini, swept floors in Nara, tutored English in Lyons, stoked boilers on Thassos, translated military correspondence in Berlin, taught yoga in Varanasi, filed documents in Alicante, picked prunes in Agen, repaired typewriters in Oaxaca and written about all of those places. Just think what he can do for your content.

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